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In the case of dynamic Web sites page content is generated based on some information usually stored in a database or resulting from processing the inputs provided by the Web site visitor. This information , and thus the corresponding pages, can be changed by you and / or the visitor at any time.

The pages are called "dynamic" because their content is generated "on the fly" each time a page is requested by the Web site visitor. Of course, typically dynamic Web sites also have some static pages, too.
Dynamic-content Web site, while still developed by professionals, can be maintained directly by you, our customer. Such Web site initially costs more to develop, but then you don't have to pay Web professionals every time you need to change something on your site. If you plan to make frequent changes to your site, you most likely will be better off with a dynamic Web site.


  • Easy to maintain when a site gets large.
  • Easy to keep consistent and up to date.
  • Offers large visitors personalization.
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